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Moon Over Zabriskie Point, black and white photograph by Radeka
Moon Over Zabriskie Point, 1980.

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NEW updated and expanded version of the Contrast Masking Kit is now available!
Precision Pin-Registration Carrier Systems are featured at the John Sexton Photography Workshops, the Bruce Barnbaum Photography Workshops and the Radeka Photography Contrast Masking Workshops as well as other prime educational programs and institutions such as Orange Coast College, California and Hunter College, New York photography courses.

By utilizing one form of masking or another, the photographer can have far greater contrast control (from subtle to extreme), either locally or overall, on his prints than standard methods, such as paper grade or developer changes, alone can allow. In most cases the results of effective masking cannot be duplicated - or even approached - by standard printing techniques (altering developers or utilizing different paper grade/developer combinations). Masking can even be used in conjunction with variable contrast papers to give the photographer limitless options for easily achieving stunning print quality. The Contrast Masking Kit now includes Inkjet Dodge Masking for the ultimate in dodge/burn masking in your traditional darkroom. 4x5 and 8x10 Precision Pin-Registration Systems are also available.
KODAK continues to produce FILM citing a renewed interest in traditional materials!
Masking Examples and Interactive Comparisons
Contrast Masking Workshops with Lynn Radeka
My First Contrast Mask - Contrast Masking Is Easy!
The Basics of Contrast Masking: What is contrast masking?
Comments by fine-art photographers
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